Hello! My name is Nadia J Charles.

I’m a Personal Growth and Empowerment Coach currently based in Las Vegas, NV. Combining practices from transformational life coaching, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, spiritual psychology, and mindfulness, I mentor women who are realizing a shift needs to happen in how they are living and in who and what they are living for.

I help my clients create balance in their lives by teaching them how to let go of the need to be validated and loved by things and people outside of themselves and how to become self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and emotionally healthy creators of their lives and pursuers of their dreams.

blog about my travels as well as my passion, emotional health, specifically, how it can improve your life and relationships and how you can achieve it through self-awareness, accountability, and integrity. I recommend starting with these posts:

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If you’re interested in learning more about emotional freedom, I wrote a short ebook , The Conscious Creators Handbook, on the subject and also designed a built-in workbook to help you start your emotional freedom journey. Click here to get your free copy and as a bonus, when you share with 5 of your friends and they sign up to receive the ebook, you will get access to The Soul Sanctuary, a free resource library of awareness shifting and supportive e-books, worksheets, hypnosis recordings, and more to bring Your True Self back into your life.

If you would like to learn how to create meaning in your life and relationships, untethered by the emotional baggage of the past, then I invite you into a deeper conversation with me.

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