Emotional freedom is a choice

Emotional freedom is a choice and the choice is made when you accept you can’t escape from reality in fantasy forever. It’s the moment you decide to become captain of your own ship because you can’t go on living emotionally broken and dependent on others to validate and complete you.

Not so long ago, I made the pivotal decision to slowly transition out of my full time, high paying corporate job and leave a relationship that was distracting me from what truly mattered. Taking those steps were difficult and took courage but what was more amazing to me is where the courage came from and that was from a deep inner realization that I had lived my entire life wanting to please others in order to feel like a person who mattered.

I didn’t and still don’t quite know how I was going to live the freedom lifestyle but I knew my why was in helping women, who just like me are realizing a shift needs to happen in how they are living and in who they are living for, learn how to let go of the need to be validated and loved by things and people outside of themselves and learn how to become self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and emotionally healthy creators of their lives.

The idea for this blog, The Wandering Lesbian, came to me during a morning meditation a few weeks ago while attending Kyle Cease’s 2-day Evolving Out Loud seminar. While I was sharing the idea with a new friend I’d made, the possibility of what this could be came flowing out of me.

I imagined combining my love of self-discovery and travel with meeting women all over the world and sharing this message that emotional freedom is a choice and that it can be achieved.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2.


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