My perfect day

I wake up, sans alarm, from a restful sleep with rays of sunshine peeking through the curtains. I stretch, wash my face and brush my teeth and spend an hour in silent reflection after which I jot down any ideas I’ve had.

I spend 30 minutes moving my body, bringing life into my limbs.

I shower and dress and walk to my favorite cafe. I sit outside and I eat a light breakfast as I people watch and plan out my personal and business goals for the month.

I return home, log onto my computer, update my blog, check emails and meet with clients.

Time for a stroll. Taking along my journal, I get in my car and take a scenic drive out to the countryside. The mountains, the flowers, and the clear streams relax me.

I meet with friends for a late lunch and catch them up on the details of my latest wanderings. We go see a film, something subtitled.

It’s now evening and I have a date so I head to the spa for a facial, sauna and massage.

We meet for dinner, dessert, and conversation. It’s lovely and we make plans to meet again.

Returning home, I get into my PJ’s and climb into bed with my kindle.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.


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