A day in the life

Coincidentally, day 8’s blog challenge called to do something fun and write about it. I usually don’t get to the day’s challenge until nighttime so I was pleasantly surprised to read today’s challenge because I in fact had spent my day doing fun things.

I spent the morning with new friends at a fantastic local coffeehouse in town, Sunrise Coffee, chatting about old classic movies, Las Vegas farms, upcoming Pride and other meetup events. I host this New Members Coffee once a month with my meetup group, LEZ Vegas in Motion.

Then I went bra shopping and I hate to admit it, having gained a lot of weight recently, my bra size has increased and just my luck, it was 50% off at Soma with a free pair of knickers. To continue on the shopping vein, I stopped off at REI to do a return and make a new purchase of a jacket (for my upcoming European tour), a pair of much-needed running/tennis/walking sneakers, and long hiking pants for my 6:30am hike tomorrow.

I visited my friend Mark for a bit, caught the end of a This American Life’s podcast, The Problem We All Live With, on integrated schools in Missouri and he loaned me a book he thinks I’ll like but I’m not so sure, David Weber’s Off Armaggedon. My reading these days has been on my kindle so I’ll be bringing sexy back falling asleep reading an actual book by lamplight.

On a whim, I decided to catch a movie, Don’t Breathe, which I’d been wanting to see for a while and it was playing at the right time and place, uncrowded theater reclining seats, edge of your seat type of thriller. I enjoyed it very much.

I then talked myself out of buying fast food for dinner and made couscous instead and heated up some chili-lime-cilantro chicken I made the day before.

Okay, so maybe not ‘fun’ in the usual sense of the word but rather a chill, laid-back, uneventful, unhurried kind of day, just the way I like my weekends.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.


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