You are your own competitor

I admit, I like to waste time playing games, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes silly games. There’s a game on FB games called Piano Bricks. It’s the familiar brick breaking game with a couple of differences, one being the sound of the breaking bricks are piano keys. It’s very soothing, if you like piano, which I do. I’ve become quite addicted to it over the past few days.

I not only play for the music but to improve my score. I’m up to 104 and I just realized there was a leader board and the best score so far is 150 and I think I can do it.

I bring this game up because my tenacity is playing it over and over again can also be applied to how I play the game of life. While I don’t consider there to be winners and losers in life, I do believe the quality of your life can be attributed to how well you ‘play the game’ and because I believe your only competitor in the game of life is yourself, the quality of your life improves as you learn better strategies for dealing with the curveballs life can throw at you.

I play the game of life in this way:

  • Have no expectations of anyone or anything except improving how I ‘play the game’
  • Play the game with fairness, respect, and compassion for others
  • Seek to know myself and grow from every experience and encounter
  • Be a positive, encouraging and supportive example to others in the game of life
  • Focus on the present moment rather than the outcome or expected result
  • Be open to learning new strategies for ‘playing the game’
  • Be open to challenges to expand my perspective

How do you ‘play the game of life’?

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