Sunday morning scramble

I just woke up from a glorious nap. I went to bed around 12:30am and woke up at 6am for a 6:30am hike at Red Rock Canyon. The whole night before, I kept wanting to cancel the recurring meetup I had scheduled a few weeks ago. I only had one RSVP and facing the Grand Staircase again made me tired just thinking about it. I didn’t cancel though; I scheduled those meetups for a reason. I wanted to get back in shape and I wanted to get back into hiking again.


In 2013, I started hiking consistently with my LEZ Vegas in Motion meetup group as one of the members was an avid hiker and hosted beginner to advanced hikes. At the time, I was in ok shape but had gained some weight, about 30lbs less than I weight today, and wanted to experience some of Southern Nevada’s beauty. That along with a semi-strict Paleo diet and weekly volleyball, the weight melted off. I got introduced to scrambling, a cross between walking and climbing, sometimes using hands for leverage and maneuvering over rocks, and fell in love with it.

Scrambling is a full body workout, and I like it because it requires you to pay attention to your body. Last week, I took 5 other women on this hike and they loved it and as we were talking about the benefits of scrambling, I remarked that it reconnects you to your body.


I met Cathy on this hike. She’d just returned from a 2-wk trip in South Africa the day before and was surprised she wasn’t feeling any jet lag. We talked about our work and how much we enjoy working from home. She told me about her experience having lived abroad and I told her about my upcoming trip to Budapest and she said her parents were from Hungary, so, I took that as a positive sign.

We started our hike at the Grand Staircase but then decided to take a trail instead. We walked along the base of the staircase stepping over beautiful marbled rock formations and around cacti until we came to the Red Spring area and started climbing the ‘path’ there and made it up about 3/4 before coming back down. Below is a photo I took about 1/4 of the way up.


It was a beautiful morning and was only 70 degrees. The sun was shining, highlighting the deep red color of the rock, the air was fresh and I felt great. I got my workout in, met a cool lady, did some exploring and enjoyed the freedom nature abundantly provides.

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