I should have brought walking shoes

My feet hurt. I should have brought walking shoes. I thought about it. I even bought a new pair recently. I knew we’d be walking. I printed out 5 walking tours. Alas, I didn’t. Instead, I brought a pair of warm, rain-proof ankle boots with no heel support. My feet hurt but hey, I walked 10,000+ steps today which my Samsung smartphone congratulated me for.

Today was a good day, much better than yesterday. We decided to head to the grocery store and on the way, stopped by a cafe Cristina had found, Rumli Cafe. I had an egg salad sandwich, grilled on the panini press with a cappuccino and Cristina had a latte.


We then walked to the grocery store which was across the street from West End mall which we visited after dropping off our groceries in our room.

Typical mall and very busy for a Friday morning and it only picked up more as time went on with the afternoon lunch crowd. We sat for a coffee and planned to go over to Buda and do the Castle Hill tour.

The walk was laborious as both our feet hurt but we crossed Margit hid (Margret bridge) and stopped halfway at Margitsziget (Margret island) where we encountered a water fountain dancing to music.


We stopped to rest before continuing the rest of the way across Margit hid and looking for a hungarian restaurant to have dinner.

We found Földes Józsi vendéglője which wasn’t too far away. We both ordered soup and an entree. The soup was good but the entrees left a liitle to be desired. Dessert was a little better, crepes with a sweet orange filling.


We then decided to find a massage place and the closest one was a Thai massage place, a 15 min walk away further into Pest so off we went. It was actually located in a mall, another one. I was fantasizing about my feet getting some love only to be told by the receptionist that there was no availability until the next day. Well, that sucked.

Taking a taxi home was a great idea.

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