Reflections from my journey

Traveling through 4 cities in central Europe has been great and I am ready to go home. I’m ready to be back in own home and comfortable bed. That being said, the pleasant experience has left me a little contemplative as traveling will do.

Here are some of my thoughts:

I want to live in Vienna, at least that was my immediate reaction upon arriving in the country; clean, ordered, emphasis on art, music, architecture, and history.

I want to visit more of Austria; the mountains, take in the gorgeous landscapes.

I want to see more of Europe; the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Romania, Georgia, and more.

Come to think of it, I’ve never traveled alone and I would like to and figure out my preference, it might be alone.

The pull of owning multiple small businessess is still there. I visited a couple of small shops/boutiques/cafes and they appeal more to me than malls and big name chains. They’re more intimate, more personal, and charming.

I like the feel of walking through a small town/village with cute shops and seeing people out for a stroll or sitting at a cafe chatting with friends; where getting around doesn’t necessarily require a vehicle or if transport is required, then taking the tram is the next best option; where people are friendly and saying good morning or good evening with a smile is normal.

My airbnb guest from a few weeks ago who lives in Bratislava invited me for a trip. We were there yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. We spent most of the day in Old Town after having had a traditional meal there with Nika the night before and it was like being in a bubble. There were a few cars around the embassies but it was a walkable enclosed section of the city with brick and cobblestone streets around the Hrad ‘castle’. By all appearances, an intentionally and lovingly preserved time in history with exactly the kind of feel I just described. Nika, short for Veronika, told us a story about a woman who’d recently opened up a gelato shop called Koun. She’d been in the news and had become popular for her amazing gelato. The story goes that she quit her corporate job, moved to Italy to go to gelato making school, returned home to Bratislava and opened her own shop. We forgot to go, even though we were right there 😦 in any case, stories like this tug at my yet unpursued dreams.

Now to plan…

For pictures of my journey, visit The Wandering Lesbian on Facebook.

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