My daily success plan

My daily success plan happens first thing in the morning and begins with a meditation to ground me before I go out into the world. Meditation helps to center me, quiet the internal noise so I can hear my inner guiding voice. The messages I receive often provide the idea for a new blog post, a solution to a problem, a new idea, clarity from a lesson learned or confirmation I’m on the right track.

Next on my daily success plan is stating my affirmations, powerful and positive words to encourage me and create the frame of mind I need to continue moving forward in my purpose.

My daily success plan would not be complete without journaling. This is the time to get down all my new ideas, thoughts and feelings about any and everything. When I journal, I get into a state of flow and feel directly connected with universal wisdom.

My daily success plan also includes action steps. I have four goals each day.

  1. Write one blog post
  2. Read/research for at least one hour something in my field of expertise
  3. Spend at least one hour on business development
  4. Review my budget and financial plan

Last but not least, a must in my daily success plan is travel planning, researching fun, historical, cultural and interesting locales and capturing beautiful images.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5.