Ah, decluttering

I had finally had it this morning with my pigsty of a bedroom. I keep the rest of the house clean for two reasons, mainly because I hate cleaning so if I don’t start a mess, then there’s no mess to clean up and also because I do AirBnB.

While it’s really great, I also work from home. I had a separate office which I now use as a second guest bedroom and since my master bedroom is quite large, my office is also in it which means I have a lot going on in there so it gets messy. It’s amazing really that I let it go on for as long as it did because I can’t stand messy.

I got done with cleaning in about an hour and a half and put my laundry in the washer and as I hit here writing this post, I feel like a burden has lifted. Decluttering my live and work space has created a lot of breathing room. Because I hate cleaning, I don’t have to have it be the first and last thing on my mind every time I walk into my bedroom or before I go to bed, keeping me from focusing on the things that matter more to me at the moment, like writing.

Decluttering your physical space is no different from decluttering your emotional and mental space. Doing so allows in clarity, time, relief, a sense of accomplishment and the ability to see and focus on what really matters.

There’s no time like the present to reflect on the clutter keeping you from focusing on what’s most important and taking the steps to declutter.