Creativity Makes the World Go Round

I wish to revise a widely known belief, that love is what makes the world go round.

In fact, yes, fact, it is creativity which makes the world go round and I can prove it, though with a few examples, you too will easily come to see what you already know to be true.

When I speak of creativity, I’m not merely referring to paint on a canvas. I’m referring to human ingenuity. I’m referring to human being’s innate capability to turn thought into thing, this is creativity, and this is what has sustained life on this planet to date.

Creative power cannot be denied, what it cannot find in you, it will seek out in another. Human creative power has resulted in literature, sculpture, painting, music, and dance, psychology, philosophy, economics, geography, and anthropology, physics, astronomy, geology, mathematics, and technology, to name a few.

To create is our destiny, our sole and soul’s purpose. Every man, woman, and child, has within them, were born with, unique gifts, talents, skills, and insights imprinted upon them and programmed within them to create a tomorrow.

This is unimaginable power and yet there are many who are oblivious to their innate power. Many who are stuck in perceived powerlessness for one reason or another.

Let’s look at that for a moment. As with everything in the universe, there is an equal and opposite force, and for creativity, it is destruction.

That means, if we each have the power to create tomorrow, we also have the power to destroy tomorrow. These forces are at work as we speak. These forces do not and cannot sleep.

While there may be some who are oblivious to their innate power, it is working through them nonetheless, it is manifesting through their lives, and the results are irrefutable, unmistakable, and are as clear as the trained eye can see.

Hopelessness, listlessness, loneliness, depression, confusion, inaction, manipulation, addiction, terror, fear, and the like are the results of destructive forces at work.

Action, energy, community, focus, direction, cooperation, excitement, happiness, gratitude, contribution, love and the like are the results of creative forces at work.

Taking this creative/destructive argument even further, there are many who are keenly aware of this immense power born into every one of us who instead of using this power for good, use and manipulate others into using this power to harm and create chaos.

Some politicians, dictators, abusers, psychopaths and the like greedily corrupt, suck away, and take pleasure in depriving others of their creative power. They count on weakness to remain in their destructive and misguided power.

We cannot let them win and it is within our power to shift the balance, to reclaim our birthright, and live empowered lives daily, creating a tomorrow that supports expansiveness not limitation.

Your tomorrow is everyone’s tomorrow. Your actions of today reverberates through all our tomorrows. What are you creating? What would you like to create in this, your one, wondrous life on earth?

How will you use your creative power to dismantle racism, sexism, homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse, global warming, bullying, addiction, materialism, income inequality, gun violence or one of the many issues plaguing our world globally? Will you instead use your creative power to uplift?

Our world needs all of us to stand for something, united.

Check out my superpowers

My superpowers are definitely cerebral. I think my greatest superpower is my ability to simplify the complex. I do that everyday at work. I find solutions to technical and procedural problems and I’m proud to say I do it well. This, coupled with my love of learning, is the reason I am a subject matter expert in my field and also what draws me to transformational life coaching.

The more I know about a topic, the more easily I can deliver solutions, shed light or bring clarity and awareness where before there was darkness and confusion. I like knowing the why of things, philosophically and technically. Human psychology, specifically how the conscious (physical) and subconscious (emotional) minds affect our states of being is a topic I’m very passionate about.

Solutions lie in knowledge and that’s why knowledge is power. – The Wandering Lesbian

Gaining an understanding of why my life and relationships were not working, through the transformational and holistic healing practices of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spiritual Psychology as well as researching human development, abuse, trauma and addictions was what I needed to begin letting go of the habits and patterns keeping from creating a life I desired and fulfilled me.

Another one of my superpowers which goes hand in hand with my ability to simplify the complex is my listening. I don’t mean being able to hear the drop of a pin from a mile away but my ability to not only hold space for the speaker but also to hear the unspoken or unaware truths being spoken.

A few months ago, I took a personality test on and learned I was a Luminary which is very fitting based on the superpowers I described above. Here is the Imperative’s version of my superpowers.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4.