Check out my superpowers

My superpowers are definitely cerebral. I think my greatest superpower is my ability to simplify the complex. I do that everyday at work. I find solutions to technical and procedural problems and I’m proud to say I do it well. This, coupled with my love of learning, is the reason I am a subject matter expert in my field and also what draws me to transformational life coaching.

The more I know about a topic, the more easily I can deliver solutions, shed light or bring clarity and awareness where before there was darkness and confusion. I like knowing the why of things, philosophically and technically. Human psychology, specifically how the conscious (physical) and subconscious (emotional) minds affect our states of being is a topic I’m very passionate about.

Solutions lie in knowledge and that’s why knowledge is power. – The Wandering Lesbian

Gaining an understanding of why my life and relationships were not working, through the transformational and holistic healing practices of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spiritual Psychology as well as researching human development, abuse, trauma and addictions was what I needed to begin letting go of the habits and patterns keeping from creating a life I desired and fulfilled me.

Another one of my superpowers which goes hand in hand with my ability to simplify the complex is my listening. I don’t mean being able to hear the drop of a pin from a mile away but my ability to not only hold space for the speaker but also to hear the unspoken or unaware truths being spoken.

A few months ago, I took a personality test on and learned I was a Luminary which is very fitting based on the superpowers I described above. Here is the Imperative’s version of my superpowers.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4.


My perfect day

I wake up, sans alarm, from a restful sleep with rays of sunshine peeking through the curtains. I stretch, wash my face and brush my teeth and spend an hour in silent reflection after which I jot down any ideas I’ve had.

I spend 30 minutes moving my body, bringing life into my limbs.

I shower and dress and walk to my favorite cafe. I sit outside and I eat a light breakfast as I people watch and plan out my personal and business goals for the month.

I return home, log onto my computer, update my blog, check emails and meet with clients.

Time for a stroll. Taking along my journal, I get in my car and take a scenic drive out to the countryside. The mountains, the flowers, and the clear streams relax me.

I meet with friends for a late lunch and catch them up on the details of my latest wanderings. We go see a film, something subtitled.

It’s now evening and I have a date so I head to the spa for a facial, sauna and massage.

We meet for dinner, dessert, and conversation. It’s lovely and we make plans to meet again.

Returning home, I get into my PJ’s and climb into bed with my kindle.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.


Emotional freedom is a choice

Emotional freedom is a choice and the choice is made when you accept you can’t escape from reality in fantasy forever. It’s the moment you decide to become captain of your own ship because you can’t go on living emotionally broken and dependent on others to validate and complete you.

Not so long ago, I made the pivotal decision to slowly transition out of my full time, high paying corporate job and leave a relationship that was distracting me from what truly mattered. Taking those steps were difficult and took courage but what was more amazing to me is where the courage came from and that was from a deep inner realization that I had lived my entire life wanting to please others in order to feel like a person who mattered.

I didn’t and still don’t quite know how I was going to live the freedom lifestyle but I knew my why was in helping women, who just like me are realizing a shift needs to happen in how they are living and in who they are living for, learn how to let go of the need to be validated and loved by things and people outside of themselves and learn how to become self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and emotionally healthy creators of their lives.

The idea for this blog, The Wandering Lesbian, came to me during a morning meditation a few weeks ago while attending Kyle Cease’s 2-day Evolving Out Loud seminar. While I was sharing the idea with a new friend I’d made, the possibility of what this could be came flowing out of me.

I imagined combining my love of self-discovery and travel with meeting women all over the world and sharing this message that emotional freedom is a choice and that it can be achieved.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2.


My Biggest Challenges

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Feeling Inadequate
  3. Financial Constraints

I suffer from the all too familiar and well-documented disease of perfectionism but don’t worry, the prognosis is optimistic. I’ve made some changes. For instance, I have a blogging buddy, we meet weekly to discuss our vision and plans for our blogs and work on our posts. Also, I’ve started a monthly ‘support group’ of women in my home around the theme of letting go and one of the things I want to let go of is perfectionism.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting things to work out or to be sure you’re doing the right thing or in the right way before doing it but when it gets in the way of actually doing, it’s a problem. My disease is as much procrastination as it is perfectionism and it is deeply rooted in the fear of being judged or appearing as lacking in expertise, knowledge, ability or potential. You see, my entire existence is built on my appearing to others as capable, strong, wise, knowledgeable and, yeah, perfect.

I know that no one is perfect and I am able to forgive myself when I make mistakes but making a mistake when others are watching is earth shattering. Feeling like I’ve disappointed someone or not lived up to someone’s expectations of me makes me want to run and hide in a cave and wait for the world to end in a catastrophic meteor shower.

I know things intellectually and I fear things emotionally and it’s a constant battle to choose faith and love over fear and I’m grateful that there’s a deeper part of myself that won’t let me give up; a deeper part of myself that knows there is something more I have to experience and share and that’s the purpose behind The Wandering Lesbian.

Growing up in adversity was one on hand emotionally devastating, leaving me feeling empty and disconnected to myself, untrusting of others yet desperate for their approval and validation because I didn’t feel enough; yet on the other hand, it served as the catalyst for becoming the brave, truth-seeking, curious and loving woman I am today.

The feeling of not being enough and not knowing enough also adds to my procrastination because I always want to gather more information before I can teach or serve or implement my many ideas.

Last but not least, 4 months into Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I had a rude awakening. More information gathering will not get me closer to my goal of becoming financially independent and has in fact made me even more dependent on a paycheck than I was before. The impulse to appear more than I am in the eyes of others has humbled me.

Even though, intellectually I knew, it wasn’t until my bankruptcy was confirmed that it finally registered that I couldn’t buy happiness and only because it was no longer financially possible. I was relieved and felt free the first month. Month two depression took hold. I was lonely, felt like a failure and saw the end of my entrepreneurial dreams. Month three I decided to write more and now in month four, I’m dreaming again.

There will be more challenges and I will overcome those as well and I will be patient and loving with myself.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.